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Welcome! Arbee Designs produces original quilt patterns, applique patterns and online quilt classes. We also publish high quality designer's patterns. Ruth Blanchet, owner, teacher and designer is a specialist in free-motion quilting, known throughout the world as an award winning textile artist. We manufacture and publish quilt patterns in America and New Zealand, supplying the major countries of the world with our products.

In 2004, the company "Arbee Originals" had a change of partnerships, therefore as sole owner, it was re named "Arbee Designs". It continues with some of the original patterns and has created and added new and exciting pieces to its line.

The original business began in 1995 with Ruth exhibiting her works of art throughout New Zealand in various venues.  Many pieces were sold and were distributed throughout the world including pieces to The States, Australia, Holland and England.

Poppy Day - a 3d quilt by Ruth BlanchetIn 2000, we presented our business worldwide with a website. This was a great step forward as we were now taking the business to the general public and to private retailers. We continue to update the website with free lessons, new designs and quilts and by popular demand, online classes.

The company was now ready to publish patterns and our first pattern, "Poppy Day", was published in 2001 with many more that have followed. During that same year, Ruth began her online teaching at QuiltUniversity.com which exposed the business even further.

In 2003, we targeted the States by connecting with USA distributors, which currently distribute and carry many of our patterns. We presented our design "Autumn Daisy" in the magazine, Quilts & Coordinates.  Ruth also made her first trip to the USA, to promote the business.

For 2005, our goals were to attend the International Quilt Market in Houston to have our designs distributed further afield. Our goal was met and we had a splendid time displaying our quilts and products as you can see in our photo. As a result, we gained more distributors and quilt shops.

As we progressed into 2007, we remodeled our website and included some additional features to our online presentation. For the first time this year, we offered downloadable patterns, references for Ruth's teaching and class schedules with conveniences for our customers.

Bargello Blues - an advanced bargello design by Ruth BlanchetDuring 2008, our business expanded once again and we opened a shipping warehouse and small office in California, USA. Toward the end of this year we also presented a new business manager for the USA warehouse and a new website "Academy of Quilting" where we conduct online quilt classes. Our two websites now work side by side.

Another great link was formed and added to our success in 2009 when Clotilde decided to carry our line of patterns. They now carry a selection of patterns including one of our best seller's,  "Bargello Blues". This pattern is one of Ruth's very first designs, the original quilt being her first sold exhibit piece in the early 1990's. Today this pattern continues to top the sales charts along with other great patterns.

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