Creative Journal WB 1

Creative Journal WB 1 image



Briefly: Workbook journal for recording your creativeness as you work along with our guidelines
Designer: Ruth Blanchet

Creative Journals are ideal for helping you create your own quilt without having to follow any pattern. Take the challenge, follow the guidelines and make notes on your progress. Our journals help you think about being creative, they will give you ideas and boosts your creativity.

This journal includes four chapters. Each chapter is made up of three sections; one - take the challenge guidelines, two - Ruth's example, notes, guidelines and sometimes full tutorials, and three - your journal for taking notes, adding photos and sketches of what you are creating along the way. The 26-page journal also includes templates to inspired your creativity or take your design skills to the next level and use your own template to create your very own unique design.

Having creative awareness through our Journals is a great way to take that leap from being a traditional quilter into art quilts or mixed media. Learn to let your creativity go wild and create some amazing results.

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