Kaleidoscope of Hearts

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Kaleidoscope of Hearts image



Briefly: Designs to color, piece and quilt
Designer: Ruth Blanchet

This e-book is more than a quilt pattern of heart kaleidoscopes. It includes 6 full page templates for using in many possible ways from coloring to quilting. Each page can be colored in various ways to create new pattern designs.

Also included in this pattern is instructions to make a two-borders block - ideal for cushion or tote pocket AND a 3 x 4 block lap quilt with sashing (32" x 42"). This design can easily be enlarged or reduced in size by increasing block size, borders and/or sashing.

These are just some of the ways you might use the six designs included in this pattern:

 - Color pages for fun
 - Print on fabric and use fabric paint or pens to color
 - Color on page and print block on fabric
 - Color, print, cut out and use as applique shapes
 - Use as quilting designs
 - Enlarge and make into a medallion for a quilt center
 - Make blocks into placemats, pockets on totes, pillows or quilts

Designs vary from simple to complex making them suitable for all levels of quilters. Some of the methods listed above are suited towards the advanced quilter while others suit beginners.

Many hours of fun in many different ways.