Folded Ribbon Hearts

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Briefly: Multi-block size and multi-layout size make up this details pieced heart quilt pattern
Type: Downloadable Pattern
Designer: Anita Eaton
Finished Size: Multiple sizes
Skill Level: All
Techniques: Basic Patchwork

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This beautiful pattern is based on a 12" heart block with the heart being three-demensional when coordinating the colors as the pattern suggests. However, you can step away from the 3-D look, and create an amazing look by mixing up the colors as one pattern tester did to create another amazing style.

The pattern includes instructions for FOUR block sizes in hearts, 12" blocks and how to create them from smaller blocks, a simplified block and even some foundations for the smaller blocks if you need them. Select from table runners, square on or on-point and a bed quilt layout with many other possibilities also available for you!

This quilt is designed as a scrappy quilt in one color or many colors. Fat eighths and jelly rolls make it easy to gather fabrics for a queen-sized quilt or table runner.

Requirements Needed

This quilt was designed as a scrap quilt. The more variety the better. Use a range of FOUR shades for the hearts: dark, medium dark, medium and light. Use very light for the background.

For Queen Size Quilt:

Heart Fabrics: Use a selection of fat eighths and fat quarters in dark, medium dark, medium and light shades. 2½" strips are ideal for large ribbon heart block.
Background: 5½ yd for block backgrounds includes little room for error. (Includes 1⅜ yd for setting triangles)
Border: 1⅜ yd for 4" border
Binding: ⅝ yd
Backing & Batting: 3 yds of 108" wide fabric. If you choose a long arm quilter do your quilting please check with them for backing/batting amounts.

For Table Runner:

Amounts for table runners vary depending on number of blocks made and whether on-point or square runner is created. Hearts can be made from scraps or fat eighths (approx three 12" blocks per fat eighth) and one fat eighth of background fabric per block is needed. Extra background will be required for on-point runners.

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