Wading Heron

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Wading Heron image
Wading Heron image
Wading Heron image

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Briefly: Applique and quilting make up this Heron quietly wading the waters
Designer: Anita Eaton
Finished Size: 25.5" x 12.5"
Skill Level: All

Make the striking red and black version of this heron or choose the softer setting of a sunset background. This Wading Heron can be made beautifully either way - the pattern includes templates for both a heavier black edged heron and a softer satin stitch look. It also includes three border options along with various size options. Make the full version 25" x 12" or either of the smaller versions of 12" x 14" or 12" square.

Pattern includes full-sized templates for both applique versions and quilting (cattail design and water ripples) with other suggested quilting ideas.

Fabric Amounts for various parts:

Red Version:
  White or light: 12½" x 14½" (background)
  Red: 4" x 7" (wing and head)
  Black: 9" x 9" (body)
  Gray: 2" x 6" (water) 
  Note: White area of bird is background fabric but not cut separately. Include an additional 9" square if using different fabric

Sunset or Gray Version:
  Hand dyed sunrise/sunset or other fabric: 12½" x 14½" (background)
  Dark gray: 3" x 3" (eye and wing accent)
  Med gray: 9" x 9" (body)
  Light gray: 4" x 7" (wing)

Upper and Lower Border options
  Option 1: Single fabric - 1 fat quarter
  Option 2: Squares - mixed fabrics equal to 1 fat quarter
  Option 3: Squares on point - mixed fabrics equal to 1/3 yd fabric

Batting & Backing Fabric
27" x 14", 16" x 14" or 14" x 14"
Binding Fabric 1/8 yd
Other requirements: Thread & a small amount of fusible web or fabric glue, plus general quilting supplies including rotary cutter, scissors, sewing machine etc…