Applique Quilts

We have many applique patterns for beginner quilters to advanced. The following includes a list of applique quilts, wall hanging and table runners - be sure to check out our applique blocks page as well!

Array of Color
Array of Color image

$8.99 $7.99

Autumn Daisy
Autumn Daisy image


I love Teddy
I love Teddy image


Light Upon the Earth
Light Upon the Earth image

$7.99 $6.49

Lily Pond
Lily Pond image

$9.99 $7.49

Pea Fairy
Pea Fairy image


Poppy Day
Poppy Day image

$5.25 $4.99

Poppy Fields
Poppy Fields image


Purple Dawn
Purple Dawn image


Sarah's Garden
Sarah's Garden image

$6.49 $4.99

Scenic Lake
Scenic Lake image


Starlit Daisies
Starlit Daisies image

$8.99 $7.99

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet image

$13.75 $11.75

Sunset Sails
Sunset Sails image


The Rose
The Rose image

$13.75 $11.75

The Vineyard
The Vineyard image


Wading Heron
Wading Heron image


Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers image