Sweet Trellis

Sweet Peas wind their way up the garden trellis to form this exquisite wall hanging.



Designer: Jan Blanchet
Finished Size: 25 1/2" x 18"
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: Applique

Sweet Peas wind their way up the garden trellis to form this exquisite wall hanging. This pattern includes detailed instructions and graphics to construct the color wash background and trellis easily. Use Fusible web to applique the Sweet Peas over the background to finish off. The buds are three-dimensional. Sweet Peas are mainly in shades of pinks and purple, but use your imagination to create your own style.

TWELVE 2 1/2" squares dark green
FOUR 4" squares dark green (triangles)
EIGHTEEN 2 1/2" squares medium green
FOUR 4" squares medium green (triangles)
TWELVE 2 1/2" squares light green and/or tan
FOUR 4" squares light green and/or tan (triangles) 
5" (15 cm) full width of dark tan (trellis)
8" (20 cm) full width of light tan (trellis and first border)
10" (25 cm) full width of green (second border & binding)
ONE 11" square of green (stems and buds)
TEN 4" squares in shades of pink and purple (flowers) 
6" full width of fusible webbing 
20"x 27" rectangle of backing and batting
Green stranded embroidery floss (tendrils)
Embroidery thread to match appliqué fabrics
Thread for piecing (dark for piecing top half, light for bottom)
Thread for quilting
Design board or wall would be useful
Baking Paper, Parchment Paper or Teflon sheet
3/8" bias bars (optional)

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