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Briefly: Teddy Bear quilt - both girls and boys - 12 characters
Type: Downloadable Pattern
Designer: Ruth Blanchet
Finished Size: 35" x 49"
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: Patchwork, Applique

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The Boy Bear quilt....an amazing detailed design showing what a young man can be in real life. He will fashion himself to be a Doctor, A Fireman , A Scholar, A Ball Player or whatever he wishes. This unique look represents color, exciting detail all designed from fabric and will become a classic for ever in their lives. Make this for your favorite boy in your life.

All the bears and character costumes for both boys and girls are in one pattern. 

A Great value for your sewing patterns!

Teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear... every small child loves teddy bears so they will love this teddy bear quilt pattern for sure. This quilt pattern is made up of six teddy bear applique blocks using fusible applique techniques. Basic applique with advanced piecing is a great combination.

Each teddy bear is dressed in a different costume - six for boys and six for girls - some are interchangeable like the scholar and clown. See below for all the Teddy Bear characters.

Use bright colorful fabrics to make this quilt adorable for your grandchild or child. They'll love it.

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