Bargello Blues

The 16-page booklet includes a colored chart insert to make positioning of each bargello strip easy and straight forward.



Briefly: This bargello quilt pattern is an advanced project in Bargello quilt making and one of our most popular quilt patterns.
Designer: Ruth Blanchet
Finished Size: 24" x 26" or 47" x 51"
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: Bargello

The 16-page booklet includes a colored chart insert to make positioning of each bargello strip easy and straight forward. The pattern gives you step-by-step instructions to piece together this unique bargello design. Instructions include two quilt sizes 24" x 26" or 47" x 51".

When selecting your fabrics it is best to select colors in one family, but do not just limit yourself to blue. This bargello quilt can be made in any color gradation of 10 fabrics. Your fabrics should range from very light through to very dark to make the best dimensional bargello look. 

Join the many others who have already made this bargello pattern, you will love it when you are complete. Remember, if you need help with this complex design, we are only an email away.

For best results, select fabrics of one color ranging from light to dark

Yardage: (10 fabrics are required. Grade from dark to light labeling darkest fabric as 'A' thru to lightest fabric as 'J')

Size: 24" x 26" Size: 47" x 51"
Fabrics A-F: 1/4 yd Fabrics A-E: 1/2 yd
Fabrics G-J: 1/8 yd Fabrics F-G: 1/3 yd
Border fabric: 1/3 yd Fabrics H-J: 1/4 yd
Binding fabric: 1/4 yd Border fabric: 1 yd
  Binding fabric: 1/2 yd

For both projects:

Batting and backing at least 4" larger than finished size
Thread for piecing and quilting
Sewing machine and accessories
Quilting tools such as rotary cutter, rulers etc


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