Reflections Bargello

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Reflections Bargello image
Reflections Bargello image



Briefly: Optical Illusion creates dimension this this Bargello Quilt design
Designer: Ruth Blanchet
Finished Size: 40" x 48"

This Bargello can be hung either landscape or portrait, it looks perfect whichever way you care to display it. The optical illusion creates dimension with the inner pattern protruding from the background. With easy to follow charts and grids, this quilt will go together with ease. This pattern also includes quilting details. 

This design requires TWO different color sets: 
The background uses eleven different fabrics (blue/purple area in photo)
● ⅓ yd of each eleven fabrics is required
The foreground uses five different fabrics. (black, green and yellow in photo)
● ¼ yd of darkest fabric (black)
● ⅛ yd of each remaining fabric
Inner Border: ¼ yd
Outer Border: ½ yd
Batting and Backing fabric: 44" x 52" rectangle (1½ yd of 43-44" wide fabric) 
General quilting supplies and threads also required.

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