Woven Stars

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Woven Stars image
Woven Stars image

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Designer: Jennifer Houlden
Finished Size: Multiple Sizes
Skill Level: Confident
Techniques: Patchwork

Jennifer has made these two easy blocks to create a secondary star design. Any color combination will work to suit your own tastes. This quilt pattern is designed for the intermediate quilter, however could easily be simplified by making plain borders with diamond blocks only in the corners or not at all. Quilting design and actual size template included.

There are three sizes available, the pattern itself shows the middle size of 65" x 81" which is 6 blocks wide by 8 blocks long. The other two sizes are 49" x 65" (4 x 6 blocks) and 81" x 97" (8 x 10 blocks).

WOF = Full width of fabric
Note: Binding fabric requirement is included with dark green fabric yardage.



49" x 65" 4 x 6 blocks

65" x 81" 6 x 8 blocks

81" x 97" 8 x 10 blocks

Light Green

1¾ yd (1.6 m)

2½ yd (2.3 m)

3⅜ yd (3 m)

Medium Green

2½ yd (2.3 m)

4 yd (3.7 m)

5½ yd (5 m)

Dark Green

2½ yd (2.3 m)

3⅜ yd (3 m)

4⅜ yd (4 m)

Bright Green

1 yd (.9 m)

1¼ yd (1 m)

2 yd (1.8 m)


3½ yd (3 m)

4½ yd (4 m)

5½ yd (5 m)


1½ yd (1.25 m)
or Twin pre-cut

2¼ yd (2 m)
or Full pre-cut

3 yd (2.6 m)
or Queen pre-cut



  • Thread for piecing and quilting
  • Sewing machine and accessories
  • Design Wall may be useful
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