Seasons Greetings

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Briefly: Seasons Greetings is a wonderful Christmas project that is quick and easy. Use plain or patches for the border.
Designer: Jennifer Houlden
Finished Size: 50 1/2" x 25 1/2"

"It's beginning to look like Christmas and all through the house the quilters were stirring for all the right reasons."

Ideal for advanced beginners with full details on how-to applique and quilt the project.

Note: WOF = Full width of fabric
5/8 yd (.5m) cream tone on tone or small print for background (42" WOF) OR
1 3/8 yd (1.2m) is require if WOF is narrower
3/8 yd (.25 m) black for inner border and applique
3/8 yd (.25 m) assorted green prints for outer border and applique (minimum 5)
3/8 yd (.25 m) assorted red prints for outer border (minimum 3)
3/8 yd (.25 m) assorted gold prints for outer border and stars (minimum 3)
1/2 yd (.4 m) dark green green for binding
1 3/8 yd (1.25 m) backing fabric
59" x 20" (1.5 x .5 m) wadding/batting
Stabilizer for applique either tear away or leave in
Fusible web
Thread for piecing, applique and quilting
Sewing machine and accessories
Tefl on Sheet, parchment paper or baking paper
Design Wall may be useful