Star Medallion

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Star Medallion image
Star Medallion image

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Briefly: This beautiful star medallion quilt is pieced using a striped border fabric. Many wonderful fabrics are available, each creating a uniquely designed finish. Instructions explain how to use the templates included in this pattern so you can select and place
Designer: Anita Eaton
Finished Size: 52" x 52"

This is an ideal quilt pattern for the intermediate to advanced quilter and includes instruction of how to piece the backing, quilting suggestions and also how to finish off.

Using different combination colors as shown here can make a huge difference to the finished quilt.

Note: A close up of the rose fabric used in this quilt can be seen when clicking on the requirements link below the photos.

star medallion fabricBorder Stripe (rose fabric in photo): 3 1/2 yards (this allows for various stripe patterns.)  In our quilt the fabric has 6 stripes - 3 wide floral stripes and 3 green bordered stripes with smaller flowers. (More stripes are acceptable, but 6 should be minimum.)
Back: 1 5/8 yd. (A portion of the border stripe and the border fabric are used to piece the back of the quilt.)
Dark border and small triangles (green): 2 yds.
Large corner triangles (print): 1/3 yd.
Narrow borders (rose): 1/2 yd.
Binding: There is sufficient fabric left from the dark border fabric to bind the quilt. To use a different fabric, purchase an additional 1/4 yd.
Thread for piecing and quilting
Sewing machine and accessories
General quilting supplies such as rotary cutter, rulers etc
Template plastic, pasteboard, or manila folders for patterns
Spray Starch (optional for stabilizing bias cuts)