How to make a quilt label (Word 2007) part two

Part Two of this quilt label making lesson does not use a text box.

For this method you do exactly the same as you did in the previous lesson but do not create a text box, working directly within the page, up until you are ready to add the border.

Arrange the text and pictures accordingly.positioning text and pictures

How to add a border.

Select Insert from the menu => Shapes => Click on desired shape (usually the rectangle)

Starting from the top left corner, click and drag the cursor to make a rectangle frame around the text and pictures. Don’t worry if you are not accurate, you can adjust it later if need be.

Hey – where did they go? Don’t worry just continue on with the lesson, we will get them back soon.label is covered

Click Shape Styles => Fill (small paint tin) => No Fillselect no fill for the shape

Click the outline icon (icon under Fill paint tin)

Make any changes to the color, weight, dashes or pattern as desired. Play around. Following is an example to try.

Click the blue square to make a blue border. Add a blue border

 Select 6pt under weight to make a thicker border. 

Select Pattern => Any pattern – some look better than others, you do need the large weight selected to make them show well. change the patternlabel with fancy border

Now you are ready to print.

See our E-book "Printing on Fabric" to learn how to print your new label directly on fabric.

Happy Quilting!

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